Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Goodbye For The Holiday

Dear Fan's

It's that time of the year where school is almost gonna end. I always hate this time of the year because I don't get to see my friends for another month. These are some of the highlights of this year for me.

Year 6 camp

(which I do not have a post about)

(which is a robot competition also don't have post for it)

Year 5 & 6 Camp
(don't have post)

anyways this year was a total roller coaster but I enjoyed being a year 6. I'm quite excited and not excited to become a year 7.

2018 Year 6 Camp

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Have you been to Kawau Island for a school camp well this year the year 6’s did and we had so much fun and even conquered most of our fears. We all left on Tuesday and returned on Friday read on to find out more of our amazing time at the camp.

 While we all waited for the rest of the year 6’s to arrive everyone waited at our school hall, while they arrived the parents that were there helped carry our luggages to the bus and when everyone arrived we did our camp group rolls. Off we went we all went onto a bus and sat down in our seats it was quite a long journey but finally we arrived at sandspit beach, we all got off the bus one by one and took the luggages that were on the bus and carried them down to the ferry. We had a snack there and everyone walked over to the ferry and went up the stars and sat down on some seats. When everyone arrived at Kawau Island we all took our luggages and put them near the dining room and that’s how we met Legless! Legless is a Weka with only one leg, later we all sat into our camp lines and took off we hiked up killer hill which was actually quite tiring if I had to be honest. While we were on the other side of the hill, we stopped at a beach and then had our lunch we had free time there and we played there for at least around 30 minutes.

 On the next day early in the morning Mr Jacobson blew his bugle really loudly which made me and my cabinmates wake up, then we put on some socks grabbed our jumper and got our running shoes and everyone had to go out for a run. Later we had breakfast and got ready for the day, we all did four activities for the day but my team did sailing, concourse, burma trail and orienteering. My two favourite activities for the day were sailing and concourse which is short for confidence course which really is just some obstacle courses, sailing was actually quite easy but some people went solo but I wasn’t confident enough to sail by myself so me and Rozaidah decided to pair up and sail together. Later Peter our sailing teacher (which is also one of Camp Bentzon owners) told us that the most important little message which was “Tiller to the sail!” overall with sailing I really enjoyed it but the thing I did not enjoy was getting soaking wet by Mr Goodwin.

 By day three we all got used to the bugle because of hearing it so many times like in the morning, activity rotations, lunch, dinner and freetime once again after waking up we all went out for the run same old same old had breakfast and did activities. Today we did some different activities like abseiling, kayaking, rafts and bivouac this time I didn’t really have any favourites they were all my favourite, they were all very fun to do and some were easier than others. Although abseiling sounds like it has something to do with the water it really has nothing to do with water it was quite a scary experience since I was scared of heights, I’m pretty sure most people know what kayaking is but have you ever in your life kayaked so close to a eagleray well I have and it FREAKED ME OUT it just looked so scary and I don’t even know why, I was mostly scared that it might jump over my kayak because that has happened to Mr Somerville before. Rafting was very tricking but it was fun at the same time trying to tie the barrel onto the wood was impossible! We just ended up swimming in the beach, lastly was bivouac and let’s just say we ended up having freetime it was pretty difficult to do and even if we tried most of our ones would fall down and it was quite dangerous since I nearly went under it the exact time it fell apart.

I would like to say Thank you to the parents that came along on this camp and helped look after us since
there weren’t enough teachers to take care all of us. I would also like to say thank you to all our instructors
that made sure that we had fun and was safe while we did each and every activities, thank you to the chefs
that made us delicious food we all enjoyed it and thank you to everyone that made this camp possible for
the year 6’s I am pretty sure that everyone enjoyed camp and that all of us made some pretty fun and cool
new memories.

I enjoyed every activity we did and enjoyed being in the wild rather than just being on the internet for
almost 24/7. I learnt that even if we have fears and if we try our hardest to get rid of them it can happen
and I also learnt how to stair a optimus sailing boat. The thing I enjoyed the most was spending time with
all the other year 6’s and all the teachers and parents and enjoyed working as a team with everyone.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Tha Zin Decimal Problem Silver

WALT: Use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems. TASK DESCRIPTION:Today we worked with decimals. This time we added decimals, I have worked with decimals before as you might know.