Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Tha Zin Decimal Problem Silver

WALT: Use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems. TASK DESCRIPTION:Today we worked with decimals. This time we added decimals, I have worked with decimals before as you might know.

Term 4 is going to be a roller coaster

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

The holidays has ended sadly but term 4 has begun! I am so excited to see what team 4 is going to be doing this term and when I found out we were doing art I was super duper excited to do them.Read more to find out what we are going to be doing, my goals and our learning.

This term sounds really exciting because since the theme is Te Wā Toi and also because the assembly on Monday the 15th of October our first assembly of the term was quite surprising and was pretty funny at the same time. The events I am excited for are year 6 camp, prizgiving (mostly just the dances) and also very excited for film festival and many more. I am mostly excited about year 6 camp because of what I have heard of about it.

I have three goals for this term and hopefully I get to achieve all three of them. One of my goals are to become a camp leader (which I don’t know if I can achieve). Another one of my goals are to finish reading two books by the end of this term. My last goal would be to be become a film festival presenter.
I am hoping to learn how to add and subtract decimals because I always seem to get confused. Another thing I really want to learn about is cultural arts and also learn about some artists. I also really hope that we do some watercolour painting since it is really pretty and also some tie dye like Zaeeda because tie dye is really colourful and both are really magnificent and beautiful.

Overall I am really really excited for this term and seems like this term is going to be excited and busy. There's a lot on like camp, film festival, prizegiving and many more and it sounds like this term is going to be the busiest term of the year for sure, I really really hope to achieve all my goals that I have set for myself, and I also hope that we get to do watercolour painting and tie dye I just can’t wait for this term has to bring. Once again like I said many times in my writing this term is going to be exciting and I just can’t wait I am looking forward to writing more stories and writings throughout this term and hopefully you read them.

Task Description: for this week we had to write a writing about this new term and our goals and our learning. We also wrote about what we wanted to learn for the term and whats going on this term, Mr Goodwin also taught us how to write a proper conclusion. I found it hard to actually set goals for myself because I had more goals for myself but Mr Goodwin said that no more than five goals.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Tha Zin Room 7 Typing Speed

WALT: analyse data and display data using a graph

Task Description : today in room 7 we collected data from everyone in the class (except for the people who were not here today) we did a 1 minute typing speed test to see how many words we could type in a minute most people in the class got 11 words to 30 words

Monday, 10 September 2018

Tha Zin Fangs The Sequal

Walt: Understand the text from the perspectives of the characters. Task Description: As for this week work for the Imac's it was slightly hard just because we needed to stop being lazy of trying to explain what the story was about. Before we typed anything for the answer we mostly talked about the question and thought about it before we wrote anything. The book that went with this presentation is called " Fangs: The Sequel " as for this book it's is all about two character Lydia and Madeline going to a carnival with Lydia's little brother Zac. Zac goes missing and gets found by Madeline the vampire. She see's him with a fake vampire holding him up and Madeline re-acts and helps him out. I've learnt in this task to understand what I am reading and learning about.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Tha Zin No Fangs Vocabulary

WALT:understand the text from the perspectives of the characters TASK DESCRIPTION: in this task we had to understand these words and write down the meaning of it in our own words.

Tha ZIn Personal Trainer

WALT:solve problems using Ratios TASK DESCRIPTION: This we learn about ratios. Here is a task about a personal trainer and his clients. We had to use mutiples for this task, it was not that hard but the second question took some thinking but I worked it out in the end. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tha Zin Monster Descriptions

WALT: we had to write a monster and alien description TASK DESCRIPTION: in this presentation we had to write a descriptive descriptions on the monster or alien characters I did monster instead of the alien one. We had to actually write a description on 4 monsters/aliens but I decided to just do 2.