Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tha Zin Rubbish Clean Up

WALT: structure a recount first room seven literacy walked down to the cold wet reserve to pick up some rubbish.
You may ask me why did we go down to the reserve just to pick up rubbish when we
could’ve picked up rubbish on our school field, well we did it at the reserve and not at
our field because our teacher Mr Goodwin thinks that the reserve is more polluted than
our school. But when we got there we realised that there wasn’t a piece of rubbish in our
sight. Have your class gone and picked up rubbish at your school or at your beaches???

As we got there Mr Goodwin decided that we should in fact pick up some rubbish at the
reserve, it was a bit tricky since the reserve was almost spotless. He got us into 5 groups
of 5 but ended up putting us in 5 group of 5,6 and 7. After we got into our little rubbish
picking groups Mr Goodwin told us the rules and that if we picked up grass,mud,bark and shoes
we would get disqualified and that the group who had the most rubbish in their bag got 10
minutes of cool time aka cool maths games, after everyone heard that everyone got a bit
competitive with other teams. He handed us a large black trash bag to each team, he also
told us about the boundaries and where we could not go and we could go, if anyone had
passed it their whole team would get disqualified. Do you know what cool maths game is???

When everyone knew the rules Mr Goodwin shouted “GO!” and off everyone went, people
raced to some rubbish picked it up and ran back to their teammate who was holding the
trash bag. Everyone went wild, people ran here and there and someone nearly past the
boundaries which nearly got their whole team disqualified!. There really wasn’t much rubbish
to pick up but somehow we still found some, someone in a team had picked up bark and
chucked it in their trash bag and nearly got their team disqualified. After a while Mr Goodwin
blew his whistle and everyone came running back, oh and if we didn’t get there in time your
team would get disqualified. Me and my team tried our hardest but it was tricky since all the
other teams had picked up the rubbish, but we did find some rubbish in the bushes we all
wanted to win so badly but we also had a feeling that another team was in the lead. I felt nervous
and excited at the same time for no reason I was only nervous because I was scared my team
might accidently put mud, grass, bark and even shoes in the bag. I felt excited because my
team had a chance of winning but then also a chance of losing.

After picking up rubbish on the reserve and on two of our school fields we sat on the concrete
pathway which was next to our school library, Miss Harae was the judge and judged our trash
bags she checked the first one and thought that it was pretty full then she moved on to the next
one she checked it and it  was pretty full as well at this moment I got nervous because it was
my teams turn, Miss Harae checked it and thought it wasn’t that full then she checked the team
beside us and found bark inside of their trash bag she checked the other and then decided that
the second team had the most rubbish and they won. They could go to Mr Goodwin anytime
and ask to have 10 mins of cool time, I was happy for them but quite sad that my team had lost it
was still a great experience.

At the end of the day me and my class did get to clean our reserve and our fields. It helped our
reserve to be tidy and our school field, since it was a competition it was quite fun for other
people and quite fun for me. After the experience I felt like my class got to help clean our area
and hopefully people in the future will look after their school fields and their reserves.

TASK DESCRIPTION: In this writing we had to write a recount of the experience we had when
we went down to our reserve to pick up some rubbish.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Tha Zin How Fast Is That

WALT: look for the hidden meaning in the text.
TASK DESCRIPTION: This week we are learnt about calcutaltin speed. I learnt the forumla to calutelate speed and it wasn't that difficult. I hope you enjoy my Presenation and I hope we are doing more in the future.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Tha Zin The Front Row Venn Diagram

WALT: look for the hidden meaning in the text. TASK DESCRIPTION: in this activity we had to compare rugby and netball.We also had to find out the similarity in both sports.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Tha Zin TImetable

WALT: look for the hidden meaning in the text. TASK DESCRIPTION: in this activity we had to write down a timetable for a healthy kid our age. We also had to write down why exercise is so important for us.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Tha Zin Write The Scene!

WALT: find relevant information in the text. TASK DESCRIPTION: in this presentation room 7 had to write dialogues between two people and we had to write a short a story from looking at the picture.


WALT: find relevant information in the text.
TASK DESCRIPTION: in this activity we had to sound professional and had to write a daily newspaper that you might see in your mail box everyday.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Tha Zin Family Of Facts 7

WALT: solve problems with multiple elements. Task Description:we needed to use the formula to work out speed and had to understand the formula. and we needed to know our fractions to these problems, we also needed to know our timetable of by heart to solve these problems.