Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tha Zin Part whole double/triple digit add/sub (reversibilty)

Tha Zin Creative Writing

One sunny afternoon on a windy autumn me and my friend Rozaidah went on a picnic in the middle of the forest. First we packed the picnic basket then we hanged it on the side of our bike and we were off. Later when we got there we could see birds flying around and frogs hopping all over the place, then we settled down in a nice spot.First we laid our bike on the side of the tree and then we laid down our blanket and we sat down and had delicious homemade pie. Later we left our bike where it was, then we went for a stroll in the forest, when we came back to the spot that we had our picnic we tidied up and went back to my house. Later when we got to my house it started to rain, Rozaidah said how am I going to get home in this rain so I told her to stay for a while till the rain stopped and she said ok. After a while the rain stopped so I said bye to Rozaidah and hugged her and then she went and that was my Autumn Story. THE END AND GOODBYE FOR NOW

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Tha Zin's Cybersmart Quality Commenting

Guess what day it is for room six I know its Thursday but today is Cyber day.
Its when we have cybersmart and today I made this poster about quality commenting.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tha Zin Quality Comments

Today we sat down on our mat and took a look at how we could write a quality comment.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tha Zin Guardians of the Galaxy

Welcome to earth my name is Tha Zin and here with me is Rozaidah.
These days we have to take care of our home ( Earth ).
We have to find a new home on another safe planet because earth is no longer safe.
Earth is dangerous cause of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and more.

We need to find a new home that has water, food and shelter for us to live.

We first went to mars but that was too cold for us to live on.
Then we left mars and went to jupiter but that was too cold
So then we went to venus but guess what it was too hot so we left quickly but then when we found out that all of the planets were not right for us we just went back to earth.

Well then when we arrived back home (known as Earth) we did a little tidy up.Then when we fixed up earth it was cleaner than before except for the building where it caused  the pollution  we had to do something about it so what we did was took down the building.

Well a few years have past and its still how it was so that's good but if we don’t look after our home we will have to find a new home (planet).We only have enough supply of oxygen for three years for all of us to live.Since our planet doesn't have healthy food and oxygen for us because of pollution.After three years we found out that there was actually enough oxygen for all of us to live on earth for a very very very long time.

We learnt a very important message and that is look after your home (planet) treat it nicely and that make sure  that you pick up your rubbish.