Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Trip To Te Tuhi

Today room 13 went to Te Tuhi the art gallery.We went on the bus to get to the art gallery.It was really noisy on the bus.Then we meet a guy called Jeremy.He was a manager.He showed us the art room where we did our dream house out of all sorts of shapes.We sat on a chair that was next to a desk that had a blue peice of paper.When we were finished doing our dream house my one looked like a DJ chicken.

 After we went to the art gallery room where we watched some movies.Then we went back to the main room and we said bye to Jeremy and we went back to school.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Today we are looking at a music video called up and up from Coldplay.Coldplay is a band with boys only they are a british band from london,England.They are one of the best bands in the world because they have won about 62 awards.They have a album called A head full of dreams and it is their 7th album.

There was a vocano full with popcron and it looks like jamping sheeps.There was also a little girl that was  swingin on the swing that was in space.There was a sea turtle that was swimming at the trianstachan.It was crazy when some peoples were swimming in the washing mashine.It was realy crazy when a egle was swimming.It was also crazy when the dollphins were swimming and up in the sky there was architecture.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 10.48.50 AM.png
My favourite part was the dollphins swimming. Up on the sky was lots and lots of bludings.It was clour full buldings and the sea was mixed up bule.The sea had some little waves.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Manta Resort Under Water Room

The Manta Resort is in Africa.It is in the middle of the sea.It is a special hotel because it is underwater.It is also next to Pemba Island.

There is two parts of the Manta Resort one is above and the other one is under water.From a birdseye view it looks like a block.From a side wids view it look like a sandwich.The underwater room looks like a garrage.

You could take photos of the colour fish.You can also do boms of the roof and go diving in the water.You can also sleep and look at the fish.You can also look at the stars at night.

Friday, 10 June 2016


A Mouse has a long furless thin tail that is a skin colour.They also have a long thin white whiskers just like a cat and they are also for feely at night for cats.Some Mices are chubby and some are skinny.

Mice have  sharp teeth to nibble on nuts, seeds, bread, apples and vegetables.They also need some clean water to drink for when they are thristy.

Friday, 3 June 2016

A Structure That Is Made Out Of Shapes

The Sydney Opera House is in Australia.It is surrounded by  water and it is also our closest neighbour.

At night time it is really colourful.In day time it looks like a massive triangle blocks.Fun Fact: it is made white for day time but when it is night time it has lots of colourful designs.

7 million people pays to come and see some performances and some singing at The Sydney Opera House.One of the song from The Sydney Opera House is the Opera.