Friday, 22 September 2017

Tha Zin Fractions (general)

Tha Zin Free Writing

 (the story of how I got a million views)

Today I reached my one millionth view on my Youtube video it is very exciting because I have been working hard on these videos for 5 years and now that I have hit a million views on my channel I am proud of myself and proud of all of my hard work and I also think that my hard work has paid off.

 Now that I’ve hit a million views I’m going to celebrate this by going out and hanging with my friends and maybe I might even go on a SHOPPING SPREE I love to go shopping with my friends or even shopping with my mum.Enough about that but now I must go and get ready and I’ll be back. A FEW HOURS LATER.

 Well that took 7 hours anyways I’m gonna go call my friends and tell them about the good news nope the FANTASTIC NEWS. That was a lot of fun hanging out with them well that was my story about how I got a million views and I hope you liked my story goodbye FOR NOW…. TO BE CONTINUED.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tha Zin Cross Country Recount

Last week on Friday we had our annual Cross Country like always it was burning hot. I am in team red for this year. We had an early lunchtime and it was really short almost like morning tea. At morning tea there was sausage sizzle and they were $2  but sadly me and my brother did not buy one because we had no money.

After lunchtime we had to sit in a line of Yr 6 girls, Yr 6 Boys, Yr 5 Girls and Yr 5 boys. We had to sit there for ages and ages but finally it was Yr 5 girls turn I was so nervous. Mr Burt said ready … get … set … GO and off we went it was so muddy were we where running. When I got back my teacher said that I came 6th and it was not that bad but still I wanted to come first maybe just maybe next year I will try my best and be faster at Cross Country. Oh and did I tell you what happened when I came back to the court I was puffing so much I felt like my heart was pumping so fast. But after that day I had fun and I liked it.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tha Zin Part whole double/triple digit add/sub (reversibilty)

Tha Zin Creative Writing

One sunny afternoon on a windy autumn me and my friend Rozaidah went on a picnic in the middle of the forest. First we packed the picnic basket then we hanged it on the side of our bike and we were off. Later when we got there we could see birds flying around and frogs hopping all over the place, then we settled down in a nice spot.First we laid our bike on the side of the tree and then we laid down our blanket and we sat down and had delicious homemade pie. Later we left our bike where it was, then we went for a stroll in the forest, when we came back to the spot that we had our picnic we tidied up and went back to my house. Later when we got to my house it started to rain, Rozaidah said how am I going to get home in this rain so I told her to stay for a while till the rain stopped and she said ok. After a while the rain stopped so I said bye to Rozaidah and hugged her and then she went and that was my Autumn Story. THE END AND GOODBYE FOR NOW

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Tha Zin's Cybersmart Quality Commenting

Guess what day it is for room six I know its Thursday but today is Cyber day.
Its when we have cybersmart and today I made this poster about quality commenting.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tha Zin Quality Comments

Today we sat down on our mat and took a look at how we could write a quality comment.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tha Zin Guardians of the Galaxy

Welcome to earth my name is Tha Zin and here with me is Rozaidah.
These days we have to take care of our home ( Earth ).
We have to find a new home on another safe planet because earth is no longer safe.
Earth is dangerous cause of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and more.

We need to find a new home that has water, food and shelter for us to live.

We first went to mars but that was too cold for us to live on.
Then we left mars and went to jupiter but that was too cold
So then we went to venus but guess what it was too hot so we left quickly but then when we found out that all of the planets were not right for us we just went back to earth.

Well then when we arrived back home (known as Earth) we did a little tidy up.Then when we fixed up earth it was cleaner than before except for the building where it caused  the pollution  we had to do something about it so what we did was took down the building.

Well a few years have past and its still how it was so that's good but if we don’t look after our home we will have to find a new home (planet).We only have enough supply of oxygen for three years for all of us to live.Since our planet doesn't have healthy food and oxygen for us because of pollution.After three years we found out that there was actually enough oxygen for all of us to live on earth for a very very very long time.

We learnt a very important message and that is look after your home (planet) treat it nicely and that make sure  that you pick up your rubbish.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tha Zin Can He Save Her?

On a sunny wednesday a little girl named Lilly was excited to go to the sky tower. Her mum Rebecca was taking her there and then when they got to the tower cafe when Rebecca was ordering their food Lilly met a strange woman. The lady told her that she could fly and Lilly did not know if she could but then the lady said that she was a fairy and that she had magic.

So then Lilly went to the top of the tower and she looked down for a second and right before she fell off Kelsey Parrant saw her and then when Lilly jumped off. Kelsey Parrant ran as fast and catched her right in time. Then Rebecca went to Kelsey Parrant and said thank you so much for saving my daughter’s life. Guess who was watching them it was the strange lady and her name was … JORDIN. TO BE CONTINUED

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Tha Zin What's For Dinner

On a Wednesday night I was getting ready to have dinner with my family when I heard the doorbell ring. It was really late so I had no idea who it could have been. But when I opened the front door Pete and Manu was standing right in front of me they said could we come in so of course I invited them inside. They told me I had to create a three course dinner meal for them and they told me that I only had a little bit of time. So I went in the kitchen as fast as I could.

When I got to the kitchen I got my apron and put it on. Then I thought of something to cook after a few minutes I knew what to cook. For entree I am cooking mini pizzas right now I felt a bit nervous because I had never cooked without an adult before so I was not sure if I would do good. After I made the mini pizza’s I put them on the plate and then I left that aside and then I started on my sauce. Then when I was done with my sauce I poured it on the plate that I put the pizza on.

After I took the plates out and put them on the table. When they took a bite out of it it was so quiet and I was even more nervous. Then when they told me they loved it I was so happy then they told me that they could not wait for main so I went back into the kitchen.

But this time I was so nervous that I forgot to wear the apron then after a few seconds I knew what I was going to cook. For main I am cooking spaghetti with meatballs I am also nervous on this one cause I might not get this one right. Then when I was finished cooking spaghetti and meatballs I served it to the judges.

They told me that it was delicious and that they wanted it on their menu. Then they told me to go and make my dessert so I went in the kitchen.

For dessert I am making vanilla ice cream with whip cream. After I  made the mixture I put the mixture in the freezer and then started on my wip cream. After I made my vanilla ice cream and whip cream I put them into a cup and served it to the judges.

They told me that they loved it and that they give it a 10 out of 10 and when I heard that I was so happy then they told me good night and went out the door.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Friday, 26 May 2017

Tha Zin Maths Fractions

Tha Zin Swimming Lessons

Last three weeks year 5 and 6 went swimming all week except for friday. Every time after swimming we get a chair and put our togs and towel on the chair. There was group 1, group 2 and group 3 and guess my group if you thought group 3 then you are correct I was in group 3.

For swimming we needed to bring our swimming togs and our towel but if we had goggles we could bring them too.First we had to get a shower and then we had to go our group and then sit down.We had to put our hands on the side and then twist in the pool.

During my swimming lessons I learnt about the life jackets and noodles. For the noodles it is where you can go in groups of 2 or 3 I was in group of 3. One person has to use the noodle and the other person has to go in the water and the person with the noodle has to tie the noodle in a not and then throw it to the person in the water. For the LIfe Jackets it is where you have to fit a life jacket and then get in the pool by standing up and arms out then take a big step out into the water. Then you can huddle or huddle into a group.

I learnt how to doggy paddle and before I was really bad at it and now I am a pro at it.

Jess also told us that if you look at the selling you will float. Jess also taught us the group huddle with the life jackets and the huddle one by yourself. The group huddle one is where you huddle up with some other people on your boat or on your ship. For the group huddle you need to hold the back of their neck and then form a circle.Then for yourself you need to make yourself warm by holding on your leg  and then you have to wait for someone to arrive and to get you.

Thank you teachers for swimming lessons and for letting us learn how to swim. Also thank you to the swimming instructors for teaching us to get ready for when it actually happened and thank you for teaching us. Thank you thank you thank you.

I enjoyed swimming under the water and then on your back. I also liked the part where you get to go in the boat and then where you fall backwards in the water

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Tha Zin Newspaper Article

Sky Tower Stair Climb

By - Tha Zin

On Saturday julie went to the Auckland City in New Zealand.
She went to the sky tower to do the stair climb challenge.
She went on saturday 13th may 2017 she took 20 minutes and 48 seconds

and 1103 steps. There was 51 floors 114 firefighters completed the challenge. Julie came 78th overall and 16th out of 29 women. Julie said an amazing event to be part of and over a million dollars raised for Leukemia. Bring on next year!!” Julie has 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ruby And The Three Bats

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Ruby. She lived on a island by herself but there was also three bats and they were not very nice.One day Ruby was invited to her friends birthday party and so she has not seen her friend in a while she thought she could go to visit her after all.After she had made the present for her friend she put the present in her bag and on she went to her friends house.When the three bats had saw her walking in the woods they thought of a nasty plan to trap her and they got all the supplies and made the trap. After a while they waited for Ruby to fall into their trap so they waited … and waited … and waited until they heard a BIG BUMP. Then they went to go and check and BULLSEYE they got Ruby in their trap and they was so happy that they skipped and hopped and jumped all over the place. Ruby was very sad but she did not give up so then when the three bats were gone ruby got her rope out from her bag and it came in handy after all so then when she got out of the trap she ran to her cottage and got on her bike and rode it to the end of the island.When she got to the end of the island she got off her bike and got into a helicopter.When one of the bats saw Ruby in the helicopter he told the other bats and they ran as fast as they could and jumped on the helicopter and when Ruby saw them she screamed and the bats could not hold on so they dropped but that was not the end of the three bats remember they can fly they have wings.So when Ruby got to her friends birthday party she had a very fun time. BUT when she got back to her cottage the three bats were waiting for her and when Ruby opened the front door the three bats jumped and attacked her. After the three bats took Ruby into the woods and took her to their cave and dropped her on the floor then they waited for Ruby to wake up. When Ruby had woke up she felt dizzy and she looked around and all she saw was black black and more black it was so dark that she kept bumping the rocks and she could not see the way to get out of the dark cave.When she reached outside she ran and ran as fast as she could and from that day she never went into the woods ever again THE END.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

TERM 2! Maori Technology

Today is the first day of term 2 and our topic for this term is Now That’s Thinking.This term for team 4 we are learning about maori technology.What I mean is we are looking at maori technology from the past and seeing how better it got in the future.

We will be comparing  things like how it was in the past and how it is in the future.We will be also seeing how it had changed like example -  cars they used to be old and slow and it was black then and now it is fancy and fast and you can pick any type of colour that you like.

We are trying to see what type of technology did the maori people used before pakeha even came.Also we are seeing what type of tools that they used and how they used it.

I think we are looking at how they made the wakas and how they fished and all tools they used to get food.I also think that we are comparing things like how things looked like in the past and comparing things.

I want look at sailing and fishing because for sailing i want to know how they made wakas and how they sail it.For fishing I want to know what type of tools they used and how they got fish.But what I do know is that these days people go fishing with a net or a fishing rod.

I mean that I want to learn but also compare things like how it was in the past and how it is in the future.

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Tha Zin Meet The Kakapos

Tha Zin Camp!

Today I am going to tell you guys about my great time at camp.Plus this was my first time ever camping in my whole life and it was really fun.
Paragraph 1
If you don’t know what camp is it is where people have a tent outside and they sleep in the tent in the dark.We had to sleep outside at our school field for three days the days we had to sleep at school was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.Oh and I was in team captains Mr Goodwin’s group.On Wednesday it was raining so we just practice our dance for the concert then we went  Kayaking it was really cold.Oh and on Wednesday night we watched a movie and the movie was… STORKS I voted for that movie and we got to watch it.When it was Thursday we also did activities but we did not do the same from Wednesday after when it was Thursday night it was CONCERT and I was very nervous oh and also I went on the stage three times that night first time was group dance then it was a game so i went up on the stage after that they called out my name cause when we were dancing with our group me and josh in my group was the only ones who was great dancing.Then when it was Friday we went to the pools.
Paragraph 2
My favourite part of camp was going to the pools I liked going to the pools because it was really fun and plus I love love love love swimming.
Paragraph 3
Thank you to Mr Goodwin for taking care of me and the captains and thank you to my mum for letting me go to camp and experience how it was like at camp for my very first time I will always remember what had happened on camp and Thank you to all the teachers who made this all happen.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Who Am I

On Tuesday morning I thought it would be a normal day but what we did first was play a game. Room 8 played who am I then Miss Parrant told the class to get a partner. My partner was Rozaidah. After we had got a partner we had to go on the mat and listen to Miss Parrant so we knew what to do.Miss Parrant said to us …

...She said that after we had got a partner we had to go to her and she would stick a paper on our forehead. After we got the paper on our forehead she said we have to ask questions to each other and the questions had to be a yes or no questions.

Then after we knew what to do me and Rozaidah went to a table and Rozaidah went first.She said was she a animal or a character and I said to her that she was a character and then she said am I Minnie Mouse and I said that it was right so the after that it was my turn…

...Now that it was my turn I had to guess who I was and I first ask that was I animal or a character and she said a character and then I ask was I a disney character or a cartoon character and she said a disney character then I said am I Elsa from Frozen and she said I guess it right so after all it was not a normal day at all.

I would not have done it the same this time I would have done it differently and my experience was that it was the best game ever. : ) :0 !

Monday, 20 February 2017

Marshmallow Challenge.

Today my reading class did a Marshmallow Challenge well it was not the chubby bunny challenge.It was the marshmallow tower challenge.

At first me Rozaidah and Lucy struggled then we keep trying then the last time we did it it worked then we tried to stand it up by itself.But it keep falling so we had to cut the spaghetti to make it even.

Well then we taped it then it could finally stand without holding it so after that Miss Parrant looked at all of ours.

Miss Parrant also took a photo and she told us who the winner was and it was…..

… Me, Rozaidah and Lucy.Now I am writing about what happened in the past so yeah got to go bye.