Monday, 27 March 2017

Tha Zin Meet The Kakapos

Tha Zin Camp!

Today I am going to tell you guys about my great time at camp.Plus this was my first time ever camping in my whole life and it was really fun.
Paragraph 1
If you don’t know what camp is it is where people have a tent outside and they sleep in the tent in the dark.We had to sleep outside at our school field for three days the days we had to sleep at school was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.Oh and I was in team captains Mr Goodwin’s group.On Wednesday it was raining so we just practice our dance for the concert then we went  Kayaking it was really cold.Oh and on Wednesday night we watched a movie and the movie was… STORKS I voted for that movie and we got to watch it.When it was Thursday we also did activities but we did not do the same from Wednesday after when it was Thursday night it was CONCERT and I was very nervous oh and also I went on the stage three times that night first time was group dance then it was a game so i went up on the stage after that they called out my name cause when we were dancing with our group me and josh in my group was the only ones who was great dancing.Then when it was Friday we went to the pools.
Paragraph 2
My favourite part of camp was going to the pools I liked going to the pools because it was really fun and plus I love love love love swimming.
Paragraph 3
Thank you to Mr Goodwin for taking care of me and the captains and thank you to my mum for letting me go to camp and experience how it was like at camp for my very first time I will always remember what had happened on camp and Thank you to all the teachers who made this all happen.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Who Am I

On Tuesday morning I thought it would be a normal day but what we did first was play a game. Room 8 played who am I then Miss Parrant told the class to get a partner. My partner was Rozaidah. After we had got a partner we had to go on the mat and listen to Miss Parrant so we knew what to do.Miss Parrant said to us …

...She said that after we had got a partner we had to go to her and she would stick a paper on our forehead. After we got the paper on our forehead she said we have to ask questions to each other and the questions had to be a yes or no questions.

Then after we knew what to do me and Rozaidah went to a table and Rozaidah went first.She said was she a animal or a character and I said to her that she was a character and then she said am I Minnie Mouse and I said that it was right so the after that it was my turn…

...Now that it was my turn I had to guess who I was and I first ask that was I animal or a character and she said a character and then I ask was I a disney character or a cartoon character and she said a disney character then I said am I Elsa from Frozen and she said I guess it right so after all it was not a normal day at all.

I would not have done it the same this time I would have done it differently and my experience was that it was the best game ever. : ) :0 !

Monday, 20 February 2017

Marshmallow Challenge.

Today my reading class did a Marshmallow Challenge well it was not the chubby bunny challenge.It was the marshmallow tower challenge.

At first me Rozaidah and Lucy struggled then we keep trying then the last time we did it it worked then we tried to stand it up by itself.But it keep falling so we had to cut the spaghetti to make it even.

Well then we taped it then it could finally stand without holding it so after that Miss Parrant looked at all of ours.

Miss Parrant also took a photo and she told us who the winner was and it was…..

… Me, Rozaidah and Lucy.Now I am writing about what happened in the past so yeah got to go bye.