Thursday, 18 August 2016

Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond is a fast runner for Olympics 1992.He is from Britain he felt worried because  he thought that he would not win.When he started the race he was sweady.

Derek Redmond ran half way and then suddenly he hurt his hamstring.It was very very saw so then he stopped.He was  upset but he did not give up so he kept running………….

Then Derek dad came and help his son.People came and dad softly push them and said go away go away.They walked all the way to the finish line.This story teached me to never ever give up and if someone is hurt help them.


  1. Wow I like you great writing Thzin great work

  2. hi tha-zin i really love your writing in your speech bubble and your pharagphs.

  3. Oh ley moley thazin I really like your great wirting from your best friend Rozaidah.