Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

On Friday after lunch We had Cross Country.We walked to the courts and sat down. We had to wait  until it was our turn.The year 8 had to go all the way to the beach and came back to school but the year 4 had to go halfway of the beach.It was on the feld and there was some people and they told us to go auround a cone.

For Cross Country I was in red I did not give up when  I was tired.I ran really fast for my mum and dad and my little brother I wanted to make them proud.I felt like a champion when I was running I was also really puffed out when I was running.I paced myself I went slow first and then fast and I kept doing that the whole race.

In the middle of the photo it has a tiny photo of me.On the sides are about the Cross Country.There is the sausage sizzle stand Mr Burt talking the house flags and some kids sitting in a line.

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  1. Dear Thazin I like your cross country photo from your best friend Rozaidah.