Friday, 26 May 2017

Tha Zin Swimming Lessons

Last three weeks year 5 and 6 went swimming all week except for friday. Every time after swimming we get a chair and put our togs and towel on the chair. There was group 1, group 2 and group 3 and guess my group if you thought group 3 then you are correct I was in group 3.

For swimming we needed to bring our swimming togs and our towel but if we had goggles we could bring them too.First we had to get a shower and then we had to go our group and then sit down.We had to put our hands on the side and then twist in the pool.

During my swimming lessons I learnt about the life jackets and noodles. For the noodles it is where you can go in groups of 2 or 3 I was in group of 3. One person has to use the noodle and the other person has to go in the water and the person with the noodle has to tie the noodle in a not and then throw it to the person in the water. For the LIfe Jackets it is where you have to fit a life jacket and then get in the pool by standing up and arms out then take a big step out into the water. Then you can huddle or huddle into a group.

I learnt how to doggy paddle and before I was really bad at it and now I am a pro at it.

Jess also told us that if you look at the selling you will float. Jess also taught us the group huddle with the life jackets and the huddle one by yourself. The group huddle one is where you huddle up with some other people on your boat or on your ship. For the group huddle you need to hold the back of their neck and then form a circle.Then for yourself you need to make yourself warm by holding on your leg  and then you have to wait for someone to arrive and to get you.

Thank you teachers for swimming lessons and for letting us learn how to swim. Also thank you to the swimming instructors for teaching us to get ready for when it actually happened and thank you for teaching us. Thank you thank you thank you.

I enjoyed swimming under the water and then on your back. I also liked the part where you get to go in the boat and then where you fall backwards in the water

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