Tuesday, 2 May 2017

TERM 2! Maori Technology

Today is the first day of term 2 and our topic for this term is Now That’s Thinking.This term for team 4 we are learning about maori technology.What I mean is we are looking at maori technology from the past and seeing how better it got in the future.

We will be comparing  things like how it was in the past and how it is in the future.We will be also seeing how it had changed like example -  cars they used to be old and slow and it was black then and now it is fancy and fast and you can pick any type of colour that you like.

We are trying to see what type of technology did the maori people used before pakeha even came.Also we are seeing what type of tools that they used and how they used it.

I think we are looking at how they made the wakas and how they fished and all tools they used to get food.I also think that we are comparing things like how things looked like in the past and comparing things.

I want look at sailing and fishing because for sailing i want to know how they made wakas and how they sail it.For fishing I want to know what type of tools they used and how they got fish.But what I do know is that these days people go fishing with a net or a fishing rod.

I mean that I want to learn but also compare things like how it was in the past and how it is in the future.

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