Monday, 21 November 2016

Athletics Day

On Friday the November 11th we had Athletics day there was lot’s of different type of sports.The whole school did sports the whole day it was very very hot.We did it in the field we did it behind the fence it was so cool.

There was 12 sports all together shot put,relay,high jump,tug-o-war,dodge ball,javelin,sack race.

My favourite sport was high jump because you can see how high you can jump.I really love to jump.When I get to the trampoline I went  WILD.Open ...

Screenshot 2016-11-21 at 10.07.52 AM.png


  1. Hi Tha ZIn I really like the way you used commas and also you used capital letters and full stops. I like how you remembered there were 12 sports.

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  4. Hi tha zin I really like your writing about Athletics day I also like the way you you remember the 12 sports and your full stops and aslo I really your picture.

  5. Hi Tha-Zin I really like your paragraph because you really put in lots of detail.Also I like it because it has lots of full stops in the right place keep it up.

  6. Hi Tha-zin I love your awesome great creative writing about sports . I love sports because it cool, fun, and outstanding .I hope you get more terrific comments .