Monday, 25 September 2017

Tha Zin Stardome Writing

On Thursday we went to stardome to learn more about space because this term our theme is Guardians of the galaxy so it is about space.There was three groups the first group was room six and half of room seven, the second group was room ten and nine, and the last group was room eight and the rest of room seven.My maths group went early, there was six groups and I was ink the last group with my mum and david Mrs Clarkes son.

We went to stardome at 9 o'clock firstly we had to line up in our lines and we sat there on the ground in the breeze. Then a few minutes later after talking and talking about the rules and stardome we went on the bus and we sat down on a chair. I sat next to my mum and it was really quite SIKE it was so loud my eyes were wide open.Later when we got to stardome Miss Scanlan said that we were early so the best group that sat up got to go to the park first and guess who it was GROUP SIX my group YAY. We got to play on the park only ten minutes :( but still worth it.

After ten minutes we went inside and we started looking around the place. Later we went into a room where there was planets and a big screen and we looked at the planets. Then after we did that we had a quiz and we went around and there was questions that we had to answer and some of them were a bit hard.After a while when we were finished we took the ipad and gave it back to the lady.

Then the lady came back and she told us to follow her so we did and we ended up in a huge movie theater and we watched a movie well it was more of a cartoon then sadly after that the lady gave Miss Scanlan (my maths teacher) tickets and we went outside and on the bus but most of us did not want to leave like me. When we got back to class there were no one left because it was their turn to go to stardome.We had our morning tea and then we watched the news.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Tha Zin Fractions (general)

Tha Zin Free Writing

 (the story of how I got a million views)

Today I reached my one millionth view on my Youtube video it is very exciting because I have been working hard on these videos for 5 years and now that I have hit a million views on my channel I am proud of myself and proud of all of my hard work and I also think that my hard work has paid off.

 Now that I’ve hit a million views I’m going to celebrate this by going out and hanging with my friends and maybe I might even go on a SHOPPING SPREE I love to go shopping with my friends or even shopping with my mum.Enough about that but now I must go and get ready and I’ll be back. A FEW HOURS LATER.

 Well that took 7 hours anyways I’m gonna go call my friends and tell them about the good news nope the FANTASTIC NEWS. That was a lot of fun hanging out with them well that was my story about how I got a million views and I hope you liked my story goodbye FOR NOW…. TO BE CONTINUED.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tha Zin Cross Country Recount

Last week on Friday we had our annual Cross Country like always it was burning hot. I am in team red for this year. We had an early lunchtime and it was really short almost like morning tea. At morning tea there was sausage sizzle and they were $2  but sadly me and my brother did not buy one because we had no money.

After lunchtime we had to sit in a line of Yr 6 girls, Yr 6 Boys, Yr 5 Girls and Yr 5 boys. We had to sit there for ages and ages but finally it was Yr 5 girls turn I was so nervous. Mr Burt said ready … get … set … GO and off we went it was so muddy were we where running. When I got back my teacher said that I came 6th and it was not that bad but still I wanted to come first maybe just maybe next year I will try my best and be faster at Cross Country. Oh and did I tell you what happened when I came back to the court I was puffing so much I felt like my heart was pumping so fast. But after that day I had fun and I liked it.

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