Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tha Zin Cross Country Recount

Last week on Friday we had our annual Cross Country like always it was burning hot. I am in team red for this year. We had an early lunchtime and it was really short almost like morning tea. At morning tea there was sausage sizzle and they were $2  but sadly me and my brother did not buy one because we had no money.

After lunchtime we had to sit in a line of Yr 6 girls, Yr 6 Boys, Yr 5 Girls and Yr 5 boys. We had to sit there for ages and ages but finally it was Yr 5 girls turn I was so nervous. Mr Burt said ready … get … set … GO and off we went it was so muddy were we where running. When I got back my teacher said that I came 6th and it was not that bad but still I wanted to come first maybe just maybe next year I will try my best and be faster at Cross Country. Oh and did I tell you what happened when I came back to the court I was puffing so much I felt like my heart was pumping so fast. But after that day I had fun and I liked it.

Screenshot 2017-09-07 at 9.49.08 AM.png


  1. Minglalarbar Tha zin, I like your blog your so creative I hope you do more.