Friday, 22 September 2017

Tha Zin Free Writing

 (the story of how I got a million views)

Today I reached my one millionth view on my Youtube video it is very exciting because I have been working hard on these videos for 5 years and now that I have hit a million views on my channel I am proud of myself and proud of all of my hard work and I also think that my hard work has paid off.

 Now that I’ve hit a million views I’m going to celebrate this by going out and hanging with my friends and maybe I might even go on a SHOPPING SPREE I love to go shopping with my friends or even shopping with my mum.Enough about that but now I must go and get ready and I’ll be back. A FEW HOURS LATER.

 Well that took 7 hours anyways I’m gonna go call my friends and tell them about the good news nope the FANTASTIC NEWS. That was a lot of fun hanging out with them well that was my story about how I got a million views and I hope you liked my story goodbye FOR NOW…. TO BE CONTINUED.

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  1. Hi Tha Zin, it sounds like you have a really great fictional youtube video and it has reached a lot of people. Did you enjoy having the opportunity to have a chance at having more freedom with your writing? I can't wait to see what happens in the next part of your story. Miss Parrant