Thursday, 16 June 2016

Manta Resort Under Water Room

The Manta Resort is in Africa.It is in the middle of the sea.It is a special hotel because it is underwater.It is also next to Pemba Island.

There is two parts of the Manta Resort one is above and the other one is under water.From a birdseye view it looks like a block.From a side wids view it look like a sandwich.The underwater room looks like a garrage.

You could take photos of the colour fish.You can also do boms of the roof and go diving in the water.You can also sleep and look at the fish.You can also look at the stars at night.


  1. Hi Tah-zin I love your wonderful picture it has a lot of detail in it and I like the way you put fish in your picture it looks fantastic. Next time don't use to much it's and is's but keep trying your best in writing and keep going good at posting your beautiful writing.

  2. Hi Tha zin I like your writing and it was good.

  3. Hi Tha-zin I love how you put fantastic colourful fish in your lovely picture it looks like a pretty rainbow. Also I love how you put capital letters at the beginning of your paragraphs.

  4. Hi Tha Zin i love your wonderful picture it has lots of detail i like the way you put fish in it.I like it so much.