Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cloud maker

Once there was a old man and a little boy
they traveled a long way the old man put the
Magic stick on to the wod thing.
The boy tryed and tryed but then the magic
stick broke the boy didn't men to brake the magic
stick but then the boy fakst the magic stick frste
he turned it in to a star then a bunny rabbit then a
heart.I think this movie is about the cloud maker
stick broke but the boy fakst it even nicer.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Monday 4th may

Once there was a ladybug
who flow on a flower and the
spidir.When the spidir saw the
ladybug the ladybug new he would
get eaten.The spidir was making a spidir
web.A little rubbish with a lot of flays.When
the ladybug saw the flays he said nanananan
nananananan and then they racet down to the road.
But when he found a biger ben. The flays where
shicing the ladybug.I think the ladybug whil
tail the flays to do her work.