Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ruby And The Three Bats

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Ruby. She lived on a island by herself but there was also three bats and they were not very nice.One day Ruby was invited to her friends birthday party and so she has not seen her friend in a while she thought she could go to visit her after all.After she had made the present for her friend she put the present in her bag and on she went to her friends house.When the three bats had saw her walking in the woods they thought of a nasty plan to trap her and they got all the supplies and made the trap. After a while they waited for Ruby to fall into their trap so they waited … and waited … and waited until they heard a BIG BUMP. Then they went to go and check and BULLSEYE they got Ruby in their trap and they was so happy that they skipped and hopped and jumped all over the place. Ruby was very sad but she did not give up so then when the three bats were gone ruby got her rope out from her bag and it came in handy after all so then when she got out of the trap she ran to her cottage and got on her bike and rode it to the end of the island.When she got to the end of the island she got off her bike and got into a helicopter.When one of the bats saw Ruby in the helicopter he told the other bats and they ran as fast as they could and jumped on the helicopter and when Ruby saw them she screamed and the bats could not hold on so they dropped but that was not the end of the three bats remember they can fly they have wings.So when Ruby got to her friends birthday party she had a very fun time. BUT when she got back to her cottage the three bats were waiting for her and when Ruby opened the front door the three bats jumped and attacked her. After the three bats took Ruby into the woods and took her to their cave and dropped her on the floor then they waited for Ruby to wake up. When Ruby had woke up she felt dizzy and she looked around and all she saw was black black and more black it was so dark that she kept bumping the rocks and she could not see the way to get out of the dark cave.When she reached outside she ran and ran as fast as she could and from that day she never went into the woods ever again THE END.

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