Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tha Zin Week 6 At School

On Tuesday the year six went to camp at Kawau Island some of the year six that did not get to go stayed behind with us the year fives. It was really quite on tuesday since almost all of the year six had gone when I arrived to school Miss Scanlan had to do all of the rolls she did room 8,7,6 rolls because all of us were in different classes then after the roll all of us went to Miss Scanlan class.

First we played a game of chinese whisper and then after we had to line up and we went to the other side of team 4  and we recorded us singing nursery songs for our animation for the juniors and for everybody to see. Later when we did that we came back to our side and ate our morning tea, after morning tea we did dance practice. Then after we did dance practice we went back to our class rooms and then we went on cool maths games.

Then on Wednesday we did the rolls again and then we went off and we went to do our maths whizz like normal we also got to play on cool maths games again yay!! It was morning tea so we went to our tables with our bags and ate our morning tea. When morning tea was over we went inside of the classroom and we watched the news when the news were over we got into two lines outside and the teachers put us into little groups and then one by one we went in our lines to the bus because we were going on a trip to KIWI KAPERS. When we arrived at kiwi kapers we went through a big red door that led to a theater we sat in our chairs and we watched the orchestra playing their instrument (woodwind, percussion, brass family and the string family.

When the show was over we went back on the bus and went to our school but one thing that happened on the bus there was a car accident and it made us a bit slow to get back to our school. When we got back to our classes we played a orchestra game and when we finished the whole game we got to play cool maths games.

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