Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tha Zin Creative Writing

One sunny afternoon on a windy autumn me and my friend Rozaidah went on a picnic in the middle of the forest. First we packed the picnic basket then we hanged it on the side of our bike and we were off. Later when we got there we could see birds flying around and frogs hopping all over the place, then we settled down in a nice spot.First we laid our bike on the side of the tree and then we laid down our blanket and we sat down and had delicious homemade pie. Later we left our bike where it was, then we went for a stroll in the forest, when we came back to the spot that we had our picnic we tidied up and went back to my house. Later when we got to my house it started to rain, Rozaidah said how am I going to get home in this rain so I told her to stay for a while till the rain stopped and she said ok. After a while the rain stopped so I said bye to Rozaidah and hugged her and then she went and that was my Autumn Story. THE END AND GOODBYE FOR NOW

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