Monday, 10 October 2016

My Cool Holidays

Yesterday me and my brother was chilling in my room.Then my dad came in my room and said do you want to go to your friends house ?.Me and my brother both said yes please.So then we went outside and in to the car we went.When we was at my friends house we got outside and we knocked on my friends door.Then when we got inside we sat down on the couch.

Then my friends came out of the room and they were surprised to see me.They all came up to me and said where have you been all this time and I replied back to them and said I have been in my room because I was sick.After we all played hide and seek including my brother.We was having lots of fun.

Then when it was about night time my friends mum went to buy pizza and coke. When it was all done we all wanted to dance so we had a disco party.A minute later we was all exhausted.Then my mum said it is time to go home so me and my brother went home.

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