Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Who Am I

On Tuesday morning I thought it would be a normal day but what we did first was play a game. Room 8 played who am I then Miss Parrant told the class to get a partner. My partner was Rozaidah. After we had got a partner we had to go on the mat and listen to Miss Parrant so we knew what to do.Miss Parrant said to us …

...She said that after we had got a partner we had to go to her and she would stick a paper on our forehead. After we got the paper on our forehead she said we have to ask questions to each other and the questions had to be a yes or no questions.

Then after we knew what to do me and Rozaidah went to a table and Rozaidah went first.She said was she a animal or a character and I said to her that she was a character and then she said am I Minnie Mouse and I said that it was right so the after that it was my turn…

...Now that it was my turn I had to guess who I was and I first ask that was I animal or a character and she said a character and then I ask was I a disney character or a cartoon character and she said a disney character then I said am I Elsa from Frozen and she said I guess it right so after all it was not a normal day at all.

I would not have done it the same this time I would have done it differently and my experience was that it was the best game ever. : ) :0 !

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