Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tha Zin Kahawai

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Discussion Doc

When do you think this story takes place? I.e. If in the future, how many years into the future?
20 years from now on???? So maybe from then it might have been 2038???

Is this the first time Āreta and Trish have taken the boat out fishing. Yes/ No

How do you know?

Because it looked like they were professionals at it and
because it looked like they had done it for many times

What do you think the author means by regular people when he says “...back when regular people
could still get petrol.”? They had to use sweat to get anywhere

In this story, what exactly does the Forest refer to?
  • Rubbish in the ocean

Where is this story set do you think?
  • Panmure and Auckland city together
What are the clues that tell you this?
    • Because I can see the sky tower and the mountain in the back of the sky tower
    • reminds me of Panmure mountain

Why is Grandma Trish so excited to find a Kahawai again. What has happened to them?
  • Because Kahawai was so rare only 30% of people could find them in the filthy water
Explain why you think this.
    • I think this because when she found it in the filthy water she was so happy and
    • she was
    • planning to sell it to get money

Why do Trish and Āreta let the Kahawai go back into the water?
    • So that there could be more kahawai for everyone and that there might even be a
    • more kahawai then there was

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