Thursday, 26 October 2017

Tha Zin Making Pan Pipes

On wednesday we got to make pan pipes out of straws. This theme for this term is Musical Madness so we got to make our own musical instruments. We needed to use 8 straws because there are 8 types of musical notes.

First we watched the video where Mrs Buchanan showed us how to make  a pan pipe. Then after we watched it we got to pick out 8 straws. We needed 8 straws, clear tape and scissors.

Later we cut the straws from the tip then taped it on the card board then tried it out. It worked really well but it made shushing noise. I loved it, it was so cool to play with and fun to use.

The instrument that I made was kind of a success and kinda not.It was really fun to play with and I enjoyed it.The only thing I wished was that it could make different sounds but not just the shushing noise.

I learn the 8 musical notes and it was quite fascinating and I liked playing the instrument.

I liked the instrument and I hope we get to make more instruments.

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