Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Tha Zin Musical Madness

Today is the first day of term 4 and our theme for this term is musical madness. Team 4 is making our own songs, music and instruments. It’s gonna be hard for us because there is only 9 weeks and in term 1 there was 11 weeks of school, and also there is gonna be test so we are trying to fit everything in.

This is what the teams did for Musical Madness all of their one was really cool and they had such great ideas.

Team one, the teachers in team one was playing snap but with different type of music in the background, when they played a sad song in the background they started crying (not for real tho it was just pretend) and then when they played a happy song they got out of their chairs and they started cleaning which I thought was weird and then after they started dancing.

Team two, one of the teachers came on the stage with a ukulele and started playing it and then she sang the lion sleeps tonight, then one by one the teachers came on the stage with their musical instrument. Then at the end they all got on the stage and started singing and playing their instrument.

Team three, this time the teachers did not perform their musical madness they made a video and it was songs in real life their one was my favourite but also team 4 was my favourite.

Team five, they was sitting on the couch watching the lion king with different music. Also there was popcorn everywhere on the stage but their one was cool I liked it but it was not my favourite.

This is what my team did for this term
Team 4 which is my team, the teachers were in Mr Goodwin’s car and they were lip syncing their favourite songs my favourite song was Mr Goodwin one which was the sound of revenge. Then at the end when they park the car near Mrs Jacobson car they were all looking at him.

I didn't really know what the theme was going to be but then when got to assembly and saw on the screen it said musical madness, i thought we were going to learn music and our own instrument and even our own songs.

I think that this term is gonna be really cool and I can’t wait to make our own songs and our own instrument.

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